Hero, from recycle bag to Zero Waste Manufactory. PJ (Paiboon Julasaksrisakul) was interviewed by Thansettakij. On 21/10/2020 / by Admin
People know that plastic is a big trouble for environment but if we notice, we will realize that “Plastic Management” is true problem.
PJ, the founder of King Energy and Waste Solution (KEWS), the first recycle factory in Thailand which is having high innovation to reproduce plastic waste from landfill and back store to new product said “Thailand has waste more than 30 billion ton/years and 25% is plastic waste and King Corporation Group would like to be a part of reducing waste in the environment with circular economy concept.

Purpose of KEWS is show that if we have waste management system, we can recycle to new product as KEWS recycle from landfill waste and back store waste to garbage bag that distribute in Thailand and International.

KEWS can recycle to plastic beads more than 1,600 ton/month or 20,000 ton/year and plan to increase to 50,000 ton/year. Moreover, we can recycle organic waste to fertilizer and plan to develop KEWS to be 100% Zero Waste in the future by solar roof and power plant innovation.