KING PAC INDUSTRIAL PUBLIC NEWS : PJ Paiboon and Pattida Julasaksrisakul in Post Today on Apirl 26th, 2013 On 30/07/2014 / by Admin

PJ Paiboon Julasaksrisakul and Pattida Julasaksrisakul were interviewed by Post Today on April 26th, 2013 for the topic of "King Pac family investment style"

They are reaching the 2nd generation of "King Group". King Group has 5 types of business included Real Estate, Communication and plastic packaging (Hero, D, Sawasdee) businesses. The domestic plastic packaging business owned by their older brother will be registered in SET soon.

Today this siblings, Pattida and Paiboon Julasaksrisakul, the assistances to M.D of King Pac Industrial Co., their invesment method for their family that similar to their responsibile in their position. In their opinion, If they can make their company more profits, the profits will be divided to them.

"Paiboon" (PJ) the 31th years old younger brother responsible to the international market. This makes his investment vision becomes the invesment for expansion the company. Now he expands the machines in the factory to settle the manpower cost problems. The next step is the expansion to international markets. To success, we may have to establish companies in other countries, finally we will do the acquisitions. All this their father target costed to earn from export about 10 billion Baht in these 3-4 years. As the previous year they did 4 billion baht.

Nowadays he has to go aboard frequently for expansion the business all the time, to US, UK, Australia and Japan. Latest project is the bidding for the US government procurement such as hospitals or schools.

For the acquisition or venture, now is in the negotiation process. It may be done in 18 months. For the capital for these projects, it may come from his own money, commercial banks or from our businesses that have to do the obvious business plan for my father and sister to review.

'i have got many of investment concepts from my father. These always remind me when i have a new project or an investment. For example, we have many types of business because we want to do the diversification. We experienced from TOM YUM KUNG crisis while that timewe did only the real estate business and got some losses. Another concept is we have to look further and analyae the growth opportunity of that business before investment process"

Latest we invested in the communication business about the 4th quarter of 2555 because we see the big growth in this type of business in the future.

For the returns of this investment, it is hard to estimate. Because these are the faminy investments, so we have to study about these investments seriously to reduce risks to the lowest.

"Pattida", she is like a house keeper but responsible to the family and business finacial. She told us that actually no one in the family likes the numeral jobs.

She graduated both bachelor and master degree in marketing. Because she likes to make money since childhood and she seems more suitabl to communicate with people such as employees, customers, brothers and banks, so her father sent her to responsible to these job. These let her brothers responsible to the expansion both domestic and international markets. She thinks wht she has to do is a challenging and should be success. When achieved. she will set a new target and time. So, she do her job interesting and happily.

Her investment is the family capital investment and makes it strong. Currently this family has 3 kinds of investment, the most important is the exchange rates. Because our business use the USD up to 95%, she has to follows the news and minds on every rate daily to protect risks in the future.

"I have ever missed in my exchange rate management. We lose 10 million that time but my father did not blame me. He told me that was for experience cost. It taught us how to manage ports for reducing risks by consider when we have to use fix or flow the exchange rate or using the natural management when we think the exchange rate would be firm. More than risks protectio, we also do import goods and materials."

All this, no one knows or can expect the future of the exchange rate correctly. In her opinion, she will try to earn as much as she lose.

Morover, our family invests in both domestic funds and international funds by 50:50. The revenue for the investment is about 10-15%. For the international funds, we rather focus in the countries which there are our customer's companies. These increase the transaction liquidity between companies. For the stocks investment, we do not invest but we have some from benefactors such as partners, customers and banks.

In the meantime, we continuous invest in properties because they are our first type of business and we operate them for a long time. We also have some properties in other countries such as US and UK.

We bought because these countries were in the economic crisis and the exchange rate was positive to us. So, it is a good idea that we invested in these properties.

"I believe the investment in properties is an opportunity because most of property, their value would be increased. If we buy at the right position, the price would be increased rapidly because the property value is normally increased by 10% in every year." Pattida said.

These could be called "the 2nd generation keeps and expands the 1st generation's business to be better and better."