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GM WATCH / AUGUST 2008 (P.47-51)

If we mention to ‘time’, each person has his individual meaning depends on his experience and personal attitude. For this young man, Paiboon Julasaksrisakul, he thinks ‘time’ is a life’s target that we have to move closer to the achievement. So, he turned to do business since he was young.

I have started doing business since in school life. I shared with my friends to do our interested businesses and sometimes I do it just by myself. I remember that I sold my father’s product in my own small plastic packaging store. In that time, I studied hard in Mahidol University, so I turned to the shareholder and let other handle the management. My next business experience was doing restaurant business named MUSE. It is a pub & restaurant located in 10th Thonglor. The major shareholders are my intimate senior friends, so there was rather no problem in managements and it was so good. We got another business experience that different from commercial, services and selling points in our restaurant are related. I had been studying the International Economic in UK and come back to handle my family business. Today my main jobs are general management and marketing, especially to penetrate the target market both domestic and international for our products. Now there are many those I have planned such as establishing a new factory in India because we have done in Malaysia and it has a good result, so we want to expand our business to other countries and cover more markets. It is my luck that I got the valued experiences in my various working life. One of those experiences is I had a chance to manage a football field while I was studying in UK. It is a big field with a good management. There are many management sectors and this counted as my first time that I start to manage a real business. With my courage, I walked for talking to the owner that I want to try to manage this business and he accepted. This job made me learnt many threats and problems because I handled most of it from communication with customers to negotiation with shops in the field. This is an interesting and impressive job but finally I had to quit for studying in University. My dominant personality since I was young is that I always connect everything I see to business. Probably it is because I grow in the family with many businesses. My father is my important model. Every Sunday, our family day, my father always tells and teaches us from his working experience, so I receive many of them. I do not realize but my friends know because my idea and attitudes are better than people in the same age. My significant turning point is from learning and maturity. These made a boy who loved in arts turned to start finding targets of his life more clearly. I seriously start my new plan and new target of my life. From studying aboard and growing, my idea is more systematic and more consecutive. This is a positive because it makes me no more worries about my future, like I have target of my life and know where and when I would reach it. I planned even how much money I should have in my account when I graduated and how old I would have my own business. Then I walk steady to those target. I can tell you these were from my dream. Actually it started from my stress when I was studying aboard. The first 3 days I got a nightmare. One day I woke up and thought that if I do not want to be like in that nightmare, I should start doing something from that day especially developing and planning my life for happiness of myself and my family. From his dream, he met his life conversion. He studied hard and then graduated to be an important part of his family business. We believe that his next step would not stop only on this achievement.

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